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Mobo Player

Mobo is a simple yet functional and stylish media player, designed to be easy-to-use and flexible. Mobo is developed in It has a plugin engine (still in development) and a modern look-and-feel.


  • Simple, designed to be direct and user friendly
  • Flexible, a plugin engine and a future theme and translation engine make mobo a flexible media player
  • Stylish, mobo has a simple yet modern style

Known Issues

As mobo is still in its alpha versions, there are lots of functionalities to apply.
  • Not yet created playlist system (by now, only a main library is avaible)
  • Playlists bar not yet implemented
  • (BUG) When deleting an item, other item's id are not affected (deleting item #2 from a 3 items library will not affect the third item's id)

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